Force Sensing Keypads


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Harsh Environment / Force Sensing Keypads
LBE represents a new advanced touch button technology capable of measuring the degree of pressure applied to the switch. Ideal for harsh environments such as shop floors, outdoors or marine applications, human-machine interface for transportation systems, commercial controls, medical and laboratory systems, security systems, as well as military and aerospace systems. This super-sensitive technology works on glass, metal or plastic panels. Force sensing key switches can be programmed to act as traditional on/off buttons, sensing an “on” condition whenever the force exceeds a predetermined level, or they can be programmed to act as more complex switches, supplying information on the force applied to the switch. This technology works with any mechanically applied pressure. Gloves, a stylus, wet or dirty surfaces will not interfere with the switch technology. There are no moving parts so the sensor can be completely sealed perfectly flat surface. The technology is very reliable and there’s nothing to wear out. Surfaces can be wiped with cleaning or disinfecting solvents. The sensor module is very thin and can be easily applied to your panel. Click here to view a sample module. We supply the switch and customer supplies the panel. The customer needs to supply the layout of the switch keypad, but not the drawing for the entire front panel. We supply the switch module according to the layout supplied on a carrier. The customer installs the switches to the rear of the intended panel, by removing the peel and stick cover, and plugs the flex PCB into their I²C interface.

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