LCDs and Zebra Strips Overview
We specialize in producing LCD panels with customized sizes and artwork for unique applications. Popular applications include displays for thermostats and medical devices when customers want unique icons or text built into the display. Tooling costs to customize glass for LCD’s is relatively inexpensive and minimum order quantities can be as little as 500 pcs. LBE supplies both off-the-shelf and custom LCD panels, with or without supporting display electronics. We support all the main LCD technologies including TN, STN and TFT.
Zebra strips are elastomeric membranes used to mount LCD glass panels onto the PCB below. They provide both the electrical interconnect between the LCD and the PCB as well as provide a gasket-like cushioning functionality. The rubberized material contains conductive carbon strips alternating with insulating strips giving the final product a zebra stripe appearance – hence the name. Various material widths and heights are available and we cut to size to fit your application.

About LCDs Display

Colours and Modes:

LCD Color - The color of the LCD display refers to the background color of the fluid. A yellow LCD has a yellow-green background with dark blue pixels. A grey LCD has a light gray background with dark gray pixels. A FSTN LCD (graphics modules only) is filtered to produce high contrast black and white pixels.


LCD Mode - A positive LCD has dark pixels on a light background and a negative mode LCD has light pixels on a dark background. Negative mode needs a backlight to be

readily visible.


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